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Shoreline Social Report: 3/16 – 3/22

The idea of writing a social report certainly seems odd at this time in our lives. A time of uncertainty. A time full of emotion. A time in which we are craving personal connection beyond the walls of our homes and boundaries of our yards. Like many others, my family is embracing and practicing social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve and, hopefully, allow life to return to normal (or a new normal) as quickly as possible. I’ve been scouring the internet and taking all of the Facebook recommendations that I can get in an effort to bring new experiences to my family and also maintain a sense or normalcy. Thankfully, there are so many wonderful individuals, organizations, and businesses in not only our local communities, but in our national and international communities that have given of themselves in an effort to enrich all of our lives! By no means have I found them all, but I have complied what I have found into one list so that I can share them with you and your families.

The Line-Up:

Arts & Culture

  • Tour the London’s British Museum with the Museum of the World tour.
  • Goolge Arts & Culture allows for exploration of some of the world’s most renowned collections. Take virtual tours at the Guggenheim, National Gallery of Art, the Musée d’Orsay, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the Van Gough Museum among others.
  • The Metropolitan Opera is offering free screenings from its Live in HD series each night, beginning at 7:30pm.
  • ACT of Connecticut and The Ridgefield Playhouse will Live Stream a performance this Friday, 3/20, at 8pm.
  • Take yourself on a Virtual Home Tour and visit the likes of Buckingham Palace, Mount Vernon, The Mark Twain House and more!
  • Virtually hike the Great Wall of China


  • Follow the Privé Swiss Fitness YouTube channel for short (free) workout videos that you can use alone for a quick session or use multiple to build a longer routine
  • Happy Feet online soccer classes for kids available for free Monday – Friday on their You Tube channel
  • Don’t forget about all of the great parks and trails we have along the Shoreline! Enjoy the mild temperatures and sunshine with a return to nature. More to come on Friday when I highlight our community’s and their wonderful outdoor spaces.


Eduational Opportunities for the Family

Virtual Shopping Events

  • The Rustic Barn in Killingworth is hosting a Virtual Sip & Shop on Friday, March 20th from 5-8pm and customers will receive a 10% discount



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