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October Maintenance Guide

To – Dos:


  • Test CO2 and smoke detectors
  • Test sump pump
  • Run water and flush toilets in lesser used spaces
  • Change furnace filters
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Clean and inspect chimney
  • Clean interior windows
  • Check water softener and add salt if needed
  • Reverse your fans to turn clockwise; this helps to circulate the warm air
  • Adjust your whole house humidifier or add portable humidifiers to your rooms. Air with more moisture increases your furnace efficiency. An indoor humidity level of 30-40% is recommended for winter months.


  • Rake leaves
  • Remove debris from gutters
  • Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets
  • Drain and store outdoor water hoses
  • Cover and store outdoor furniture
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Winterize A/C unit
  • Plant bulbs for spring flowers
  • Fertilize and re-seed lawn
  • Winterize in-ground sprinkler system
  • Service the snowblower
  • Stock up on firewood or pellets
  • Cut back landscaping and perennials
  • Close the pool

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