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    May Maintenance Check List

    Spring is officially here and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for a deep clean! Dreaded my many, yet appreciated by all. I know it probably feels like you’ve been cleaning non-stop these past few weeks, but now is a good time to give a little attention to some of the areas we may have been neglecting. I mean, seriously, did anyone expect 3 months ago that we’d be more focused on wiping down our groceries than anything else? I, for one, have never wiped so many door knobs, banisters, or pre-packaged grocery items in all my life!  And, now that we’re finished with the cold and beginning to see more sun and less rain it’s a great time to scrub the floors and steam clean the carpets. The way I see it, nice weather allows all of my hard work last longer!

    To – Dos:

    Interior – 

    • Clean your garbage disposal
    • Clean microwave and oven
    • Clean range hood filters
    • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
    • Clean and replace window screens
    • Run water and flush toilets in less frequently used spaces
    • Wash pillows and comforters
    • Freshen up your mattresses by sprinkling with baking soda and then vacuum
    • Dust fan blades
    • Clean under major appliances
    • Test sump pump if you have one and check status of back-up battery
    • Check basement for damp spots after rain
    • Check attic for damp spots after rain



    • Inspect and pump septic tank if needed
    • Clean and inspect outdoor lighting fixtures
    • Oil garage door tracks
    • Trim trees, non-flowering bushes, and shrubs. For those that flower you should not trim until they have finished flowering.
    • Apply lawn fertilizer
    • Mulch garden beds
    • Repair loose siding and trim board
    • Spruce up your front porch with a few potted plants
    • Clean patio furniture


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