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Distance Learning Activities

Welcome back to school!!  We are all going to need some ideas to keep these kids busy on their distance learning days! Here ia a great list to get your started!!

Feeling Crafty

These ideas take some pre-planning and should keep them busy for a while!

  • Check out these Hatching Dino Eggs from one of our local moms! Directions here!  Follow them on instagram @twothriftymammas
  • We have some pretty talented moms in town! Here is another favorite
  • ICE!!  Who doesn’t love playing with ice.  The night before freeze a few small plastic toys in water, then depending on the age, you can use warm water to melt the ice or they can chip away at it! Check out an example here!
  • Stem Cell Activity from @twothriftymammas     Materials – Tooth picks and Jelly Beans!


  • Cindy Stevens, owner of Cindy Stevens Fine Art in Clinton has been assembling some of the cutest art bags (at only $10 each!) to keep the kiddos entertained while encouraging their creativity. Selections do vary, but currently available are:



Need to make a quiet phone call?

Here are some quick activities kids can get started on their own!  Get this ready ahead of time and explain it to your kiddos so when you need to jump on a call you can point them to this!  Together with your kiddos paint a bunch of popsicle sticks a variety of colors.  Once they are dry brainstorm together some of their favorite quiet activities they could do while you need some quiet time!  They will be much more excited about this if they are involved in creating it!

  1. Puzzle
  2. Make a card for a friend/relative
  3. Read a book
  4. Build a huge block tower
  5. Teach your favorite stuffed animal something you learned in school today
  6. Check out this blog for so many ideas! Here

Get up and move!!

Similar to the quiet activities create a plan for a brain break!  These breaks can be self directed or parent led depending on their age!

  • Keep the balloon/ball in the air
  • Label six circles around a room(s) with an activity at each spot  (jumping jacks, push ups, frog jumps, etc).  Then have them rolls a dice and move from circle to circle. There are some cool large dice on amazon you can get! Here
  • Yoga! Animal Poses or Managing Emotions through Yoga are two great places to start!

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