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    August Maintenance Guide

    To – Dos:


    • Inspect basement for moisture
    • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change out the batteries
    • Clean garbage disposal
    • Clean microwave and oven
    • Clean range hood and filters
    • Run water and flush toilets in lesser used spaces
    • Check water softener and add salt if needed


    • Maintain yard growth
    • Inspect crawl spaces for moisture
    • Mend driveway and walkway gaps and cracks
    • Look for visible signs of ant and termite activity and treat accordingly
    • Clean and repair deck and patio areas as needed
    • Make sure drains are clear of debris and unclog if needed
    • Clean and re-organize the garage
    • Control broad leaf weeds in the yard by applying fertilizer late in the month
    • Thinking of re-seeding your lawn? Wait until the last week of the month or into September

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