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August Maintenance Checklist

Well, this checklist is reaching you a little later in the month than it usually does. We can thank Hurricane Isaias for that! Actually, this past week’s storm may have helped you to work through a few items on the checklist without even knowing they were scheduled for this month! With the lack of power, I’m sure you may have been spending as much time outside as we were taking care of storm clean-up. Now all you may need to do outdoors is prepare your lawn care supplies for late summer weed control and re-seeding. Take a quick run through in the kitchen to check the oven, microwave, and range hood off the list and then go enjoy the last few weeks of summer freedom before re-entering the world of hybrid learning!

To – Dos:


  • Inspect basement for moisture
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change out the batteries
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Clean microwave and oven
  • Clean range hood and filters
  • Run water and flush toilets in lesser used spaces
  • Check water softener and add salt if needed


  • Maintain yard growth…pretty sure Hurricane Isaias took care of this one!
  • Inspect crawl spaces for moisture
  • Mend driveway and walkway gaps and cracks
  • Look for visible signs of ant and termite activity and treat accordingly
  • Clean and repair deck and patio areas as needed
  • Make sure drains are clear of debris and unclog if needed
  • Clean and re-organize the garage
  • Control broad leaf weeds in the yard by applying fertilizer late in the month
  • Thinking of re-seeding your lawn? Wait until the last week of the month or into September


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