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    April Maintenance Guide

    To – Dos:

    Interior – 

    • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
    • Run water & flush toilets in less frequently used spaces
    • Clean garbage disposal
    • Service water softener system
    • Clean windows
    • Clean and inspect window screens

    Exterior –

    • Clean gutters
    • Clear leaf and plant debris from around the house
    • Clear window wells and stairwells of debris
    • Power-wash windows and siding
    • Inspect driveways, walkways, and patios for cracks and damage from frost heaves
    • Turn on exterior faucets and inspect hoses and sprinklers
    • Clean and organize the garage. Push the snow clearing equipment and sleds to the back and bring forward the lawn care equipment and bikes!
    • Remove dead or dying branches from trees and shrubs
    • Fertilize garden beds, but don’t plan to plant anything new until a handful of soil can be squeezed without water running out and does not remain compacted into a clump
    • Cut down ornamental grasses if they were left standing during the Fall

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